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Tamil Nadu: 2012 Year In Review: Top 10 News

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1. As an NRI desi: Indian Foreigners vs Europe Locals

2. Crime and Punishment: People taking law in their own hands vs Turning blind eye to Law abusing Common Man

3. Influential Celebrity: Chinamyee, Karthi Chidambaram were in Social Media vs Karunanidhi enters Twitter and FB

4. Anti-Growth Lobbyists: Power cuts for citizens vs Koodankulam Nuclear Energy

5. Eternal Conservatives: Love Marriages vs Inter-caste Protection

6. Nature vs Man made: Cyclone Nilam and Thane vs Tamil Nadu Express Fire

7. Forces beyond us: God-men Nithyananda vs Foreign hand ISI in Tamil Nadu

8. Repeatability vs Consistency: Sivakasi Fire Accidents vs. Sri Lanka arresting TN Fishermen

9. Dengue Returns vs Former telecom Minister A Raja Returns

10. Ka series: Highly Expected and stayed in limelight but never came out – Kadal, Kochaidaiyaan, Kalaam, Kaveri

9 Foreign Terrorist Organizations that should NOT be there in the USA Terrorism Watch

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Source: When is a terrorist no longer a terrorist? | FP Passport

  • The Abu Nidal Organization — a PLO splinter group — was a major terrorist organization in the 1980s and 1990s, but has barely been heard from since Abu Nidal’s death in 2002.


  • Aum Shinriyko, the Japanese cult that carried out the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, hasn’t carried out any attacks since.


  • ETA — the decades-old Basque nationalist group, is thought to have fewer than 100 active members since hundreds were arrested by French and Spanich police, and hasn’t carried out a major attack since 2009.



  • Gama’a al-Islamiyya  was once Egypt’s largest terrorist group and it’s former spiritual leader, “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman is in jail in the U.S. for his part in the 1993 World Trade Center attack, but the group has largely renounced violence since the early 2000s and now has its own political party with seats in the Egyptian parliament.


  • The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were decimated by a Sri Lankan army offensive in 2009 and despite reports of regrouping abroad, the Tigers haven’t been able to mount any major operations since.




  • United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia — a right-wing paramilitary anti-FARC group — was mostly demobilized in 2010 and the elements of it that remain are more of a drug trafficking organization than a terrorist militia.

Kasi Ananthan picks his Top 10 Books for 2012

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கவிஞர் காசி ஆனந்தன் பரிந்துரைக்கும் 10 புத்தகங்கள்:

1. தாய் – மார்க்சிம் கார்க்கி

2. டேல் ஆப் டூ சிட்டீஸ் – சார்லஸ் டிக்கன்ஸ்

3. கல்கியின் சிவகாமி சபதம்

4. சித்திரப்பாவை – அகிலன்

5. அம்மா வந்தாள் – தி.ஜானகிராமன்

6. புதுமைப்பித்தனின் முழு சிறுகதைக் தொகுப்புகள்

7. ஜெயமோகனின் சிறுகதைக் தொகுப்புகள்

8. தோணி – வ.அ.ராசரத்தினம்

9. நனவிடை தோய்தல் – எஸ்.பொ.

10. ஓ.ஹென்றியின் சிறுகதைகள்