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6 Scary Book Selections to Read from Library for September 2015

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  1. Robert Spencer’s The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISISISIS_Book_Table_Of_Contents

2. The Demographic Cliff: How To Survive And Prosper During The Great Deflation Of 2014-2019

Chapter 1 The Demographic Cliff Around the World
Chapter 2 Following Japan into a Coma Economy
Chapter 3 Why Real Estate Will Never Be the Same
Chapter 4 A Look at Public and Private Debt
Chapter 5 A Brief History of Financial Bubbles
Chapter 6 Commodity Prices: The Achilles’ Heel of Emerging Countries
Chapter 7 Investment Strategies for the Financial Crisis Ahead
Chapter 8 Business Strategies for the Winter Season
Chapter 9 Government Strategies for Facilitating Free Markets
Epilogue: A Major Revolution Brews Every 250 Years

3. Humans Are Underrated by Geoff Colvin

  • The Cleveland Clinic, which emphasizes empathy training of doctors and all employees to improve patient outcomes and lower medical costs.
  • The U.S. Army, which has revolutionized its training to focus on human interaction, leading to stronger teams and greater success in real-world missions.
  • Stanford Business School, which has overhauled its curriculum to teach interpersonal skills through human-to-human experiences.

4. The State We’re In: Maine Stories by Ann Beattie

5. A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature’s Deep Design by Frank Wilczek: History of mathematics

6. Let’s Be Less Stupid: An Attempt to Maintain My Mental Faculties by Patricia Marx



Top 10 global acquisitions by Indian companies

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  1. Tata Steel acquiring Anglo-Dutch firm Corus Group in 2006 to create the fifth largest steel company of the world. The deal was worth $7.6 billion ( 36,650 crore).
  2. Aditya Birla Group‘s Hindalco Industries, India‘s largest non-ferrous metals company, acquired the Canada based firm Novalis in an all-cash transaction for $6 billion.
  3. 2008: Automobile market – Tata acquired Britain’s most famous automobile manufacturers Jaguar and Land Rover, in a $2.3 billion deal with Ford, their American owners.
  4. Subhash Chandra’s Essel Packaging (EPL) acquired the Swiss tube packaging major Propack, and joined hands to become the world’s largest in laminated tubes.
  5. 2006, Ranbaxy Laboratories(RLL) created quite a stir when it announced the acquisition of 3 drug-makers in Europe, all within a week’s time. Allen S.p.A, a division of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Italy, Romania’s largest independent generic drug producer Terapia and drug maker Ethimed NV in Belgium.
  6. 2007, Pharmaceutical and biotechnology major Wockhardt bought the fourth largest independent, integrated pharmaceutical group in France, Negma Laboratories. At a deal of $265 million, Wockhardt became the largest Indian pharmaceutical company in Europe with more than 1500 employees based in the continent.
  7. Bennett Coleman & Co, India’s largest media group and the holding company of the Times of India group, bought Virgin Radio in the UK in a $53.2 million (Rs 445cr approx) deal with SMG Plc. in 2008.
  8. Mahindra & Mahindra acquired 90 percent stakes of Schoneweiss, a leading company in the forging sector in Germany. The deal took place in 2007
  9. Sterlite Industries, a part of the Vedanta Group signed an agreement regarding the acquisition of copper mining company Asarco for $ 2.6 billion in 2008. The deal surpassed Tata’s $2.3 billion deal of acquiring Land Rover and Jaguar. After the finalization of the deal Sterlite would become third largest copper mining company in the world.
  10. Oil and Natural Gas Corp(ONGC) took control of Imperial Energy Plc. for $1.9 billion in early 2009.

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  • Total number: 793 (1,125 in 2008)
  • Net worth: $2.4tn ($4.4tn in 2008)
  • Women: 72 (99 in 2008)
  • Average age: 63.7 (61 in 2008)


  1. Sergey Brin, 35, Google co-founder, $12bn
  2. Larry Page, 36, Google co-founder, $12bn
  3. Sheik Mansour Bin Sayed Al Nahayan, 39, Abu Dhabi royal family, $4.9bn
  4. Daniel Ziff, 37, Ziff Brother Investments, $3.5bn
  5. John Arnold, 35, Centaurus Hedge Fund, $2.7bn
  6. Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, 25, $2.1
  7. Kenneth Griffin, 40, Citadel Hedge Fund, $1.5bn
  8. Chu Lam Yiu, 39, Huabao International, $1.5bn
  9. Jerry Yang, 40, Yahoo co-founder, $1.1bn
  10. William Ding, 38, Netease founder, $1.1bn
  11. Andrey Melnichenko, 37, MDM Bank founder, $1bn
source: Forbes

The World’s Billionaires 2009

Rank Name Citizenship Age Net Worth ($bil) Residence
1 William Gates III United States 53 40.0 United States
2 Warren Buffett United States 78 37.0 United States
3 Carlos Slim Helu & family Mexico 69 35.0 Mexico
4 Lawrence Ellison United States 64 22.5 United States
5 Ingvar Kamprad & family Sweden 83 22.0 Switzerland
6 Karl Albrecht Germany 89 21.5 Germany
7 Mukesh Ambani India 51 19.5 India
8 Lakshmi Mittal India 58 19.3 United Kingdom
9 Theo Albrecht Germany 87 18.8 Germany
10 Amancio Ortega Spain 73 18.3 Spain