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13 Books from Local Library: Currently Reading

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Title Author
 1. The financial lives of the poets : a novel Walter, Jess
 2. How we decide Lehrer, Jonah
 3. A whole new mind : why right-brainers will rule the future Pink, Daniel H.
 4. Why does the world exist? : an existential detective story Holt, Jim
 5. Me talk pretty one day Sedaris, David
 6. Uncle Swami : South Asians in America today Prashad, Vijay.
 7. Mystic chords : mysticism and psychology in popular music Soni, Manish
 8. Opera : the great composers and their masterworks Kennedy, Joyce Bourne
 9. Farther away Franzen, Jonathan.
 10. The Hunger Games (Novel) Collins, Suzanne
 11. The swerve : how the world became modern Greenblatt, Stephen
 12. Growing money : a complete investing guide for kids Karlitz, Gail.
 13. U and I : a true story Baker, Nicholson

Culture of Cussing: Frequently Used Terms

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Top 10 frequently used terms in most taboo-words:

  1. Fuck
  2. Shit
  3. Hell
  4. Damn
  5. Goddamn
  6. Jesus Christ
  7. Ass
  8. Oh My God
  9. Bitch
  10. Sucks

Thanks (pdf): Perspectives on Psychological Science – March Issue: Timothy Jay