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Top 10 Most watched TV Programmes in India: Television Media Market Analysis

In India, TV on செப்ரெம்பர் 2, 2009 at 9:22 பிப


  1. Star Plus – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  2. Colors – Balika Vadhu
  3. Star Plus – Bidayi
  4. Zee TV – Pavithra Rishta
  5. Colors – Na Aana Is Des Laado
  6. Colors – Uttaran
  7. Zee TV – Chhoti Bahu
  8. Zee TV – Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo
  9. Zee TV – Saregamapa LIL CAMPS-09
  10. Zee TV – Aapki Antara

தமிழ் தொலைக்காட்சி: தலை பத்து தொகுப்பாளர்

In Lists, TV on ஜனவரி 30, 2009 at 5:43 பிப

நன்றி: Chennai television: Top Ten Anchors- Tamil 2008

  1. அனுஹாசன்
  2. சின்மயி
  3. சஞ்சீவ் & கீர்த்தி
  4. உஷா
  5. ரம்யா
  6. திவ்யதர்ஷினி
  7. ப்ரியதர்ஷினி
  8. யுகேந்திரன் & மாலினி
  9. சேது
  10. பாஸ்கி
  11. கோபிநாத்
  12. அபிஷேக்
  13. மக்கள் கார்த்திகா
  14. குஷ்பு
  15. விசு
  16. ரேவதி
  17. கே எஸ் ராஜா
  18. மிமிக்ரி செந்தில்
  19. பாஸ்கர் ராஜ்
  20. ஐஷ்வர்யா
  21. ஆதித்யன்
  22. மமதி சாரி
  23. விஜய் ஆதிராஜ்
  24. ஜேம்ஸ் வசந்தன்
  25. எஸ் பி பாலசுப்ரமணியம்
  26. பாலாஜி
  27. ஆனந்தக் கண்ணன்
  28. சுகாசினி
  29. மீரா வாசுதேவன்
  30. ரோஸ்
  31. ஸ்வர்ணமால்யா
  32. சார்மிலி
  33. பாண்டியராஜன் & ஜியெஸ் ப்ரதீப்
  34. தேவதர்ஷனி & சேத்தன்

And the winners are

10. Vijay Athiraj – His position in ten for 2008 is not justified for he dominated the year by being present in almost all channels as the prime host. He was also the most sought for host in many felicitatory functions shown live in television. However he being absent in the Television for the past three months may have pushed him back. Still, even though not anchoring any program now, he has found a place and that may be because of his multitude of programs in 2008.

9. Yugendran and Malini – 2008 was busy for them as anchors. This real life pair were hosts for Isai kudumbam and also in some of Airtel super singer. They also hosted Ghana kuyil Pattu.

8. Anantha Kannan – Again his ranking does not truly reveal his popularity, as the recall may be only because of his popularity. He is at present not visible in Television except  Sun Music. He hosted Jodi Porutham which was a hit mainly because of its prizes. He is right now acting in a film as a hero.

7. V.Balaji – The famous voice of 92.8 FM and now a part of Hello FM[cluster head],  Balaji is a familiar face in the Television. 2008 has been a good year for him. His performance in poi solla porom a class film was applauded. He hosts Little Master and Raagamalika in Jaya Tv. He is also part of Paadum Office and is a compere for many independent activities.

6.  Rose Venketasen – Hostess of Ippadikku Rose. Her strength is her weakness. She is different, not only by gender, mannerisms and voice but also by her approach to hosting. This creates curiosity and her selection of topics and conduct is commendable. She of course needs to bring in some more freshness and ingenuity in her program for being in limelight for 2009.

5. Ramya Hostess of Ungalil aru adutha prabudeva now and earlier Kallakka povathu aru. She has her own style. Sometimes jarring and self indulgent, but she has a space. She is an ambitious hostess who is bold and has the charm to carry the show.

4. DivyaDarshini & Deepak and Sanjeev & Keerthi DD and Deepak are hosting Boys vs Girls now. The faces of the popular program Jodi number one are still popular. Chirpy, bubbly , jovial and inspiring. Their presentation is commendable. Sanjeev speaks the fastest Tamil. He along with Keerthi add lots of value for the already very popular Maanada Myulada. They however surprisingly do not host any other program.

3. Chinmayi– She was selected the best hostess of 2008 by Anandha Viketan. She has been part of Airtel super Singer right from the beginning and has  announced recently that she was quitting. She is an accomplished dubbing artiste, an accoladed singer and a Radio Jockey. A bundle of Talent, her first song in Kannathil mutha mital is still very fresh in everyone’s memory. Hope she changes her mind and comes back to hosting.

2. Sethu – His mimicry has become the talk of 2008. He was hosting kallakka povathu aru and then Ari giri assemblky. He is the most popular face of Isai aruvi too. One of the very few who are seen in both Kalaignar and Jaya TV.

1. Anu Hassan and Gopinath – Gopinath is unbeatable and may be for many years continue to be the number one. His command over the language, his oratory skills, analytical ability and the charm and grace makes him the perfect host. He is the main face of Vijay TV. he compered  Neeya Naana, Nadanthathu enna, Vijay awards. He has written books on personality development and has started an academu for communication called Taalk shop academy of communication.

2008 was Anu’s year among females. She continues coffee with Anu,in Vijay TV, twenty twenty in Jaya TV and also acts in a serial in Kalaignar TV. She is a popular actress in Tamil films and is also a dubbing artiste.  She is a Management postgraduate from Bits Pilani