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Madurai Lok Sabha Constituency: Complaints given by the CPI(M)

In Politics, Tamilnadu on ஏப்ரல் 29, 2009 at 5:04 பிப

CPI(M) candidate P. Mohan is pitted against the DMK candidate and Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s son M K Azaghiri in Madurai.

1. Complaint against distribution of consumer goods to voters by the DMK (dated 03.03.2009)

2. Complaint against conducting Medical camp in the name of birthday celebration of the DMK candidate (03.03.2009)

3. Complaint against the District Election Officer for not taking action against violation of model code of conduct (05.03.2009)

4. Complaint against bulk applications for inclusion in the voters list (20.03.2009)

5. Complaint against distribution of cash, sarees etc to the voters by the DMK and distribution of cash to self help groups (28.03.2009)

6. Complaint against distribution of money to the voters by the DMK (31.03.2009)

7. Complaint against using the marriage halls for preparing pockets of cash by the DMK (03.04.2009)

8. Complaint on utilising places of worship for electoral campaign by DMK candidate (08.04.2009)

9. Complaint by Nanmaran MLA (Communist Party of India (Marxist)) for changing the District Collector of Madurai for his partisan behaviour (15.04.2009)

10. Complaint of inaction by the police against the murderous attack on Mr.Vijaya Rajan party member (15.04.2009)

11. Complaint against disruption of CPI (M) election meeting by DMK men (16.04.2009)

12. Complaint against misuse of police machinery to arrest our cadres on false complaints by the ruling party (16.04.2009)

13. Complaint against inaction by the police against the murderous attack on Mr.Nanmaran MLA (17.04.2009)

14. Complaint against misuse of office by the Public Relations Officer for electoral campaigns of the DMK candidate (18.04.2009)

15. Complaint against distribution of ‘tokens’ to the voters by the DMK men in Madurai Lok Sabha constituency (22.04.2009).

Pro-Eelam Chennai Bandh & Life Experiences: 10 Twits

In Life, Srilanka, Tamilnadu on பிப்ரவரி 6, 2009 at 5:09 முப

1. சென்னையில் பந்த் நடப்பதற்கான எவ்விதமான அறிகுறியும் இல்லை. எல்லாம் சாதாரணமாக இருக்கிறது. தென் தமிழகத்தில் வீச்சு அதிகமாக இருக்கலாம்.4:35 AM Feb 4th

2. @kg86 Btw, today is Bandh/strike in Chennai (lol and it’s “approved” by Supreme Court). My brother’s college, NIT T, is working. 😦10:36 PM Feb 3rd
Dscn0667_biggerdrgrudge / Ashwin

3. @aryanscourge yeah, what with the Strike and closure of colleges and all.. we wna be heard too.. 😀11:47 AM Feb 4th
Your_image_biggerVetti / Karthik H

4. @just_reva a lot of things happened at leather bar yesterday & the best part was it was empty cuz of the strike and moral policing shit. 🙂about 21 hours ago
Dilip_-_vidu_s_revenge_biggerdilipm / Dilip Muralidaran

5. Chennai Bandh (dont know if it was useful) certainly brought me happiness.I worked from home. I was like on cloud nine 🙂1:57 PM Feb 4th
Kavi__2__biggertkavitha / kavitha

6. Strange.I had blogged about chennai bandh a year ago.i get flamed for it for todaysi bandh.go figure. PM Feb 4th
Face1_biggermadguy000 / Aditya

7. @anandnataraj i don’t think companies in chennai are off on bandh..not is normal here so abt there in Madurai..1:30 AM Feb 4th
Me_biggerksawme / Swami K

8. Traffic Update >> Took 29 mins from Porur to Cenatoph..Moderate traffic..may be PMK bandh have made some free traffic flow..Just a guess12:07 AM Feb 4th
Me_biggerksawme / Swami K

9. @elavasam Rulingpartysponsored bandh, buses will not operate, but you can go in the road safely. In oppostion spnsred,our head will be brokn11:09 AM Feb 3rd
Blogbruno_biggerspinesurgeon / Bruno Mascarenhas

10. Wish Kerala politicians visited Chennai today to see how the people had thrashed todays bandh – except shops, everyone’s working as usual!1:13 AM Feb 4th
vaartha / Kerala News