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Top 10 specialty Web browsers you may have missed

In Internet, Technology on ஒக்ரோபர் 21, 2010 at 6:54 பிப

  1. Browse Web tables into spreadsheets with Kirix Strata: Strata from Kirix
  2. Browse socially with Flock: Flock
  3. Browse leaner with Dillo: Dillo
  4. Browse in text with Lynx: Lynx
  5. Browse smarter on Mac OS X with Cruz: Cruz
  6. Fake: Fake
  7. Fluid: Fluid
  8. Browse in 3-D with SpaceTime: SpaceTime
  9. Browse Wikipedia better with Gollum: Gollum
  10. Browse musically with Songbird: Songbird

11 Browser Testing Tools: Roundup for Web Designers

In Internet, Technology on ஜூன் 8, 2009 at 5:44 பிப

Source: Bryan Connor: “For all you frustrated web designers out there who are constantly testing and retesting to make sure your site looks perfect across browsers (excluding IE6) then you know there are lots of options out there for testing. The Launch of Browserlabs from Adobe has prompted me to put together a list of 10 browser testing tools for web designers.”

Static Screenshot Testing

  1. Adobe Browserlab ( Recommended  )
  2. IE Netrenderer
  4. Litmus
  5. Browsercamp

Native Running Browser Testing

  1. Crossover ( Recommended )
  4. IETester
  5. Mutliple_IE
  6. Expression Web SuperPreview