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List of Countries that require their Leader to belong to a certain Religion

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Source: In 30 countries, heads of state must belong to a certain religion | Pew Research Center

1. Christian

  • Andorra
  • Lebanon

2. Muslim

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Brunei
  4. Iran
  5. Jordan
  6. Malaysia
  7. Maldives
  8. Mauritania
  9. Morocco
  10. Oman
  11. Pakistan
  12. Qatar
  13. Saudi Arabia
  14. Somalia
  15. Syria
  16. Tunisia
  17. Yemen

3. Buddhist

  • Bhutan
  • Thailand

4. Pancasila

  • Indonesia

Person of the Year: Top Choices from the Poll Results

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Thanks: Time

  1. Kim Jong Un
  2. Undocumented Immigrants
  3. Mohamed Morsi
  4. Aung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein
  5. Gabby Douglas
  6. Ai Weiwei
  7. Malala Yousafzai
  8. Sheldon Adelson
  9. Bashar Assad
  10. E.L. James
  11. The Mars Rover
  12. Psy
  13. Felix Baumgartner
  14. The Higgs Boson Particle
  15. Pussy Riot
  16. Sandra Fluke
  17. John Roberts
  18. Mo Farah
  19. Marissa Mayer
  20. Tim Cook
  21. Mario Draghi
  22. Xi Jinping
  23. Bo Xilai

Tamil Nadu: 2012 Year In Review: Top 10 News

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1. As an NRI desi: Indian Foreigners vs Europe Locals

2. Crime and Punishment: People taking law in their own hands vs Turning blind eye to Law abusing Common Man

3. Influential Celebrity: Chinamyee, Karthi Chidambaram were in Social Media vs Karunanidhi enters Twitter and FB

4. Anti-Growth Lobbyists: Power cuts for citizens vs Koodankulam Nuclear Energy

5. Eternal Conservatives: Love Marriages vs Inter-caste Protection

6. Nature vs Man made: Cyclone Nilam and Thane vs Tamil Nadu Express Fire

7. Forces beyond us: God-men Nithyananda vs Foreign hand ISI in Tamil Nadu

8. Repeatability vs Consistency: Sivakasi Fire Accidents vs. Sri Lanka arresting TN Fishermen

9. Dengue Returns vs Former telecom Minister A Raja Returns

10. Ka series: Highly Expected and stayed in limelight but never came out – Kadal, Kochaidaiyaan, Kalaam, Kaveri

9 Foreign Terrorist Organizations that should NOT be there in the USA Terrorism Watch

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Source: When is a terrorist no longer a terrorist? | FP Passport

  • The Abu Nidal Organization — a PLO splinter group — was a major terrorist organization in the 1980s and 1990s, but has barely been heard from since Abu Nidal’s death in 2002.


  • Aum Shinriyko, the Japanese cult that carried out the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, hasn’t carried out any attacks since.


  • ETA — the decades-old Basque nationalist group, is thought to have fewer than 100 active members since hundreds were arrested by French and Spanich police, and hasn’t carried out a major attack since 2009.



  • Gama’a al-Islamiyya  was once Egypt’s largest terrorist group and it’s former spiritual leader, “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman is in jail in the U.S. for his part in the 1993 World Trade Center attack, but the group has largely renounced violence since the early 2000s and now has its own political party with seats in the Egyptian parliament.


  • The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were decimated by a Sri Lankan army offensive in 2009 and despite reports of regrouping abroad, the Tigers haven’t been able to mount any major operations since.




  • United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia — a right-wing paramilitary anti-FARC group — was mostly demobilized in 2010 and the elements of it that remain are more of a drug trafficking organization than a terrorist militia.

Top 10 Hot Tamil Blogs

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வலைப்பதிவுகளில் அனுபவமும் பட்டறிவும் பரிந்துரையும் தேடியதும் கொடுத்ததும் அந்தக் காலம். வம்பும் சினிமாவும் கிளுகிளுப்பும் புகழ்பெறுவது இக்காலம்.

அந்த மாதிரி பரபரப்பான ரசிகர்களின் அன்றாடத் தேவைக்கு பொழுதுபோக்கு தீனி போடுபவர் யார்?

இலக்கிய கிசுகிசு, திரைப்பட பார்வை, அரசியல் ஹேஷ்யம் போட்டுத் தாக்குபவர்கள் எவர்?

சூடான தலைப்பு, சுண்டியிழுக்கும் மேட்டர், ரங்கோலியான எழுத்து கொண்டு வரவழைப்பவர் பட்டியல்:

  1. வினவு – Vinavu – Tamil Forum – Revolutionary News
  2. IdlyVadai – இட்லிவடை
  3. adra saka – அட்ரா சக்க: CP Senthil Kumar
  4. kalakak kural: கலகக்குரல்
  5. true tamilans – உண்மைத்தமிழன்
  6. thamil nattu: நாற்று – புரட்சி எப்.எம்
  7. Cybersimman\’s Blog | இணைய உலகிற்கான உங்கள் சாளரம்
  8. வருண் – time for some love – ரிலாக்ஸ் ப்ளீஸ்
  9. suvanap piriyan – சுவனப்பிரியன்
  10. விமரிசனம்: vimarisanam – காவிரிமைந்தன் | இன்றில்லா விட்டாலும் நாளையாவது மாறும் அல்லவா ?

Top Indian MBA List: QS Global 200 Asia-Pacific Business Schools

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  1. IIM, Ahmedabad
  2. INSEAD, Singapore
  3. Melbourne Business School, Univ of Melbourne
  4. NUS Business Scholl, Singapore
  5. China Europe International Business School
  6. IIM, Kolkata
  7. Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru
  8. Indian School of Business
  9. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research
  10. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

List of Tamil Juries for Sahitya Academy: சாகித்ய அகாடெமி ஜூரி பட்டியல்

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சாஹித்ய அகாதெமி விருதில் நடுவர் குழுவில் இடம்பெற்றவர் யார்?

இவர்களில் எத்தனை பேர் விமர்சகர்கள்?

இலக்கிய ரசிகர்கள் என்று பெயர் எடுத்தவர் இருக்கிறார்களா?

படைப்பிலக்கியத்திலும் புனைவிலும் ஆளுமைகளா?

பத்திரிக ஆசியர்கள் உண்டா?

எவ்வளவு பேர் எவ்வித அரசியல் சார்பு கொண்டவர்கள்?

அவர்களின் கம்யூனிச, சித்தாந்த சாய்வு நிலை என்ன?

யார் தோழருக்கு நண்பர்?

  1. Dr. Abdul Rahman – அப்துல் ரெஹ்மான்
  2. Dr. E. Sundaramurthi – ஈ. சுந்தரமூர்த்தி
  3. Dr. K. S. Subramanian – கே. எஸ். சுப்ரமணியன்
  4. Dr. M. Palaniappan – எம். பழனியப்பன்
  5. Dr. R. Kumaravelu – ஆர். குமாரவேலு
  6. Dr. S. Chandra – எஸ். சந்திரா
  7. Prof. K. Chellappan – கே. செல்லப்பன்
  8. Smt. Madana Calliyani – மதன கல்யாணி
  9. Sri Kalladan – கல்லாடன்
  10. Sri Kovai Gnani – கோவை ஞானி
  11. Sri Kurinjivelan – குறிஞ்சிவேலன்
  12. Sri Samakodangi Ravi – சாமகோடங்கி ரவி
  13. Sri Tamilnadan – தமிழ்நாடன்
  14. Sri Thopil Mohamad Meeran – தோப்பில் முகமது மீரான்
  15. Sri V. Sabanayagam – வே சபாநாயகம்


Indian Literary Award Judges: Sahitya Akademi Jury members for Recdent Years in English Language

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Who were part of the jury in English Language?

How the last names could impact the choice of winner selection?

Does it have a good mix of different sexes or is it just males in the Judge pool?

What was the prefix like doctor, professor, miss for the decision makers?

From Sahitya Academy website:

The books were selected on the basis of recommendations made by a Jury of three members in the concerned languages in accordance with the procedure laid down for the purpose. According to the procedure, the Executive Board declared the Awards on the basis of unanimous selections made by the Jurors or selection made on the basis of majority vote. The Awards relate to books first published during the three years immediately preceding the year of Award

Some of the distinguished Jury members:

  1. Dr. Amitava Roy
  2. Dr. E.V. Ramakrishnan
  3. Dr. Lakshmi Kannan
  4. Dr. Lakshmi Kannan
  5. Dr. Poonam Trivedi
  6. Ms. C. T. Indira
  7. Ms. Mini Krishnan
  8. Prof. G.J.V. Prasad
  9. Prof. Manju Jain
  10. Prof. Manoj Das
  11. Smt. Prema Nandkumar
  12. Sri Bhaskar Ghosh
  13. Sri Jayanta Mahapatra
  14. Sri M.L. Raina
  15. Sri Tarun Saint


25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World

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25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World — Features — Utne Reader

  1. Julian Assange :: The Sunshine Kid – Launched in 2007, WikiLeaks
  2. Alex Gibney :: The Smartest Guy in the Room – From Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005) through this year’s Casino Jack and the United States of Money and the new Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
  3. Tani Ikeda :: Sex-Ed Trendsetter
  4. Rebecca Solnit :: The Silver Cloud
  5. Kieran Egan :: Teacher of the Years – professor of educational theory at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University
  6. Anil Gupta :: Intellectual PollinatorVisit the Honey Bee Network website to see a full list of the projects in its database, including shared ideas on crop management and herbal pesticides, and read a profile of Gupta at Worldwatch Institute.
  7. Woody Tasch :: Free-Range Capitalist
  8. Nina Dudnik :: A Scientist’s Scientist
  9. Natalia Allen :: Conscientious Fashionista
  10. Judith Butler :: War Empathizer – her recent book Frames of War: When Is Life Grievable? philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler retells U.S. armed forces at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq
  11. Annette Rizzo :: Judge Advocate thanks to a piece in Urbanite, which highlighted 10 ideas that could make Baltimore a better place to live, among them Rizzo’s foreclosure diversion program. Read more about the “face-to-face foreclosure” system Rizzo helped spearhead in the Philadelphia Business Journal. Rizzo also explains her approach to the housing crisis on Public Radio International’s radio show Here and Now
  12. Perry Chen :: The Virtual Patron – Artists pitch their idea with a video on the Kickstarter website: Watch ideas being pitched on anything from power show laces to a travel show that highlights hostels around Europe at Kickstarter.
  13. Michelle Ajamian and Brandon Jaeger :: Local Food Lovers – established the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative in 2008. This year they opened Shagbark Seed and Mill, a prototype processing facility, at the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks in Athens
  14. Elinor Ostrom :: The Commoner
  15. Sandra Steingraber :: Her Body, Their Chemicals Steingraber’s “Organic Manifesto,” which is available as a full PDF on her website. You can also read her columns for Orion magazine, one of which we reprinted as “Baring All Expense
  16. Ted Howard :: Workers’ Advocate – Howard’s work with Democracy Collaborative from an interview in Baltimore’s Urbanite. You can listen to a podcast featuring Howard on The Marc Steiner Show. Howard also co-wrote and article about the Cleveland model for The Nation this year, and we’ve been keeping tabs on Cleveland’s cooperative model as well
  17. Rebecca Onie :: Home Health Advocate– MacArthur “genius award” winner Onie runs Project HEALTH, which enlists college students, many pre-med, as volunteer social workers who connect low-income people to housing, heating assistance, and other nonmedical resources vital to health
  18. Elizabeth Scharpf :: Essential Entrepreneur
  19. Alexander Petroff :: Sustainability Trainer
  20. Glen Barry :: Eco–Rabble Rouser
  21. Paul Ewald :: Virally Minded
  22. Tim Wise :: The Confrontationalist – The promise of a post-racial society is premature, Wise argues in his book Colorblind. Read an interview with Tim Wise on the myth of post-racial America from The Sun. Catch him discussing racism on CNN. He’s also been on talk radio, discussing white supremacy and racism with host Gus T. Renegade. You can follow Tim Wise on Facebook, check out Wise’s website, and watch him talking about white privilege
  23. Bryan Doerries :: Ancient Healer
  24. Victoria Pettibone and Sasha Eden :: Dramatic Opportunists – Read an interview with Pettibone and Eden conducted by Gothamist. Learn more about the LOVE benefit show, WET’s annual production attended by dozens of celebrities, or watch Pettibone, Eden, and various stars discuss the project during the ritzy fundraising event, which features short plays about love written by some of the best women in television, film, and theater
  25. Bill McKibben :: Voice of Reason, Man of Action


The world’s biggest losers:

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Thanks: Elliot Spitzer, Christopher Dodd, Tim Geithner, the Pope, Joseph Fritzl, and more | David Rothkopf

Here are thirteen choices from this month’s headlines ranked by just how little sympathy we should have for them:

13.) Edward Liddy

The only reason this guy is on the list is that his career is probably finished simply because most people will forever associate him with A.I.G. But while the company has already joined Enron, Long Term Capital Management, Drexel Burnham Lambert and Blue Horseshoe in Wall Street’s Hall of Infamy, Liddy himself is something like a hero, coming to work for a dollar a year as a public service in the most thankless job in the global business community.  (And what is Blue Horseshoe? Hint: “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacot Steel.”)

12.) Forbes Billionaires List

According to Forbes, the official magazine of Wall Street greed, the world’s billionaires managed to misplace $1.4 trillion in the past year, their ranks thinning from 1125 to 793. Their average net worth has fallen by almost a quarter to only $3 billion. Both Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim each lost $25 billion. One, Adolf Merckle, ended up killing himself. Former Wall Street titans like Hank Greenberg and Sandy Weill fell completely off the list as did Facebook wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg. But Zuckerberg is only 25 and still has $900 million left. So as far as sympathy goes this is pretty much a mixed bag. The reality is that these days even a few hundred million gets you pretty far so let’s not lose too much sleep over them. (The reason they are this low on the list is not because I feel sympathy for them… it’s because I feel considerably less for everyone else on the list.)

11.) Eliot Spitzer

Poor Eliot. If only he had kept it in his pants, this would have been his moment. One can hardly imagine what is making his life worse right now, the fact that the A.I.G. scandal and the collapse of Wall Street could have been his apotheosis, the moment the howling dogs of ambition in his breast might have finally gotten enough red meat of press exposure… or the fact that his wife Silda has stood by him and thus will have the moral high ground in his marriage until he dies. Admittedly, while Spitzer unzipped his own career, his worst violation did not come against the public but against his family.

10.) Gordon Brown

It’s hard to hate Gordon Brown. In fact, it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy. This is due in part to the fact that he is Britain’s first prime minister who is also part basset hound. Also, he had to follow Tony Blair who was quite telegenic and appealing, particularly in that phase of his career when he was being played by Michael Sheen. (Less so later when he was being played by one of George W. Bush’s hand-puppets.) Still, Gordon did accept the job of PM, did screw it up to a fare-thee-well and now is on the verge of blowing his last big moment on the public stage as he prepares to host a G20 Summit that is very likely to realize somewhere between zero and few of his grand ambitions for it.

9.) Bibi Netanyahu

The fact that a man President Clinton’s White House spokesman once called “one of the most obnoxious individuals you’re going to come into — just a liar and a cheat” has managed to bring himself to the verge of returning as Israel’s prime minister is something of an amazing feat. Although perhaps not so much if you are familiar with what people in Israel euphemistically call politics. But Netanyahu assured that he was lost before he even took office by teaming up with racist boor Avigdor Lieberman. Together the two may fight so hard to protect Israel that they irreversibly weaken it.

8.) A.I.G. Bonus Babies

The NY Times writes, “Residents who had been pillars of Connecticut towns are finding themselves the focus of populist rage.” But shouldn’t we have hated them already for even wanting to be pillars of Connecticut towns? I mean, these people actually chose to become insurance executives and live in John Cheever hell just to become wealthy? Didn’t they see The Ice Storm. Oh, the humanity! I hate them for their stale dreams more than I do the fact they squandered one of the great names of Wall Street while gaming both global financial markets and the American taxpayer.

7.) Ben Bernanke

In ancient societies, dark uncontrollable forces were placated by throwing virgins into volcanoes. In Washington, the ritual involves throwing officials under the bus. (The bus is implacable but near-sighted.  As it approaches one victim, it will be at least temporarily satisfied if that victim throws someone else in its path.) Edward Liddy was in front of the bus this week during Congressional hearings and at the last minute, threw Bernanke in its path by saying the Fed knew everything A.I.G. was doing re: bonuses. But later the bus claimed other more delicious victims and Bernanke escaped… then he announced the U.S. government was going to print a trillion dollars in monopoly money to stem the crisis. Inflation was a near certainty before… now it will be Bernanke’s inflation. No one will even remember he had anything to do with A.I.G. … and that won’t be a good thing.

6.) Tim Geithner

Sadly for Tim Geithner, he even looks like a sacrificial lamb. Earnest, brilliant, trying his best, he will never be able to escape the fact that he is one of the few who will get the blame for both the misguided Bush era bailouts and the false-starts of the Obama administration. Every time there is a mistake, the bus will head in his direction. Obama says he has confidence in Geithner. That is exactly what they said about Tom Daschle before they pulled the plug on him. Heck, Obama said he would no sooner disown Jeremiah Wright than his own grandmother shortly before he disowned him, as they say, with prejudice. Geithner might survive, but he has been wounded. The good news for the economy: sometimes they say people who have been through near death experiences actually develop psychic powers.

5.) Asif Ali Zardari

Zardari was known to be a bad guy long before he became Pakistan’s president. Many of the closest friends of his late wife, Benazir Bhutto, could not stand him. Now, as it turns out, neither can most of the Pakistani people. Locked in a bitter struggle with opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, Zardari showed his weakness by capitulating to demands to reinstate Pakistan’s former Chief Justice per Sharif’s demands. Now in a desperate attempt to reassert control of his own party he may be plotting the ouster of his Prime Minister according to Indian press reports. He’s on the ropes, his opposition is gaining strength, and meanwhile fraught, dangerous, complex Pakistan is hardly being governed at all.

4.) Chris Dodd

The Nutmeg State’s longest-serving senator got his job the old-fashioned way, he [effectively] inherited it from his father, Sen. Thomas Dodd. He is also now virtually certain to lose it the old-fashioned way, as a result of a combination of arrogance, corruption, lying, and misreading the mood of the times. From his questionable home-mortgage finances to the comedy of errors this week when he denied having anything to do with legislative provisions allowing the A.I.G. bonus then blamed it on his staff then blamed it on the Treasury, Dodd is serving himself up on a silver platter to his opponents. And none of that even addresses the issue that as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee he was at the center of a fat-donations-from-Wall Street-equals-zero-oversight-from-Congress culture that helped get the world into this mess in the first place.

3.) Bernie Madoff

What more can you say about Bernie? For a decade and a half he went to bed every night knowing that he was lying, cheating, faking trades, committing fraud, and putting his and countless other families at grievous risk. And yet he lived his life like a king, like the former chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers that he was, with yachts and mansions in the Hamptons and Mayfair. In fact, noted judge of character and bankruptcy-addict Donald Trump said “he was a pretty respected guy.” That says it all.

2.) The pope

To non-believers he may be just a creepy old ex-Hitler Youth member who wears funny clothes and has appalling values, but to Catholics he is so much more than that. For example, according to one Vatican insider quoted in the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, “he’s out of touch with the real world” and his papacy is “a disaster.” Another is reported to have said he “is isolated and fails to adequately consult his advisors.” At least. His Africa trip pronouncement that condoms not only don’t help the fight against AIDS but that their distribution actually “aggravates the problems” is not just a PR nightmare for the Holy See; delivered on the continent where both AIDS is most rampant and the Church is growing fastest, it is a formula for massive death and suffering.

1.) Josef Fritzl

Back in the good old days, when Joseph Alois Ratzinger was a little boy, being an Austrian sadist was a surefire path to the top, it could lead anywhere, perhaps even to world domination. But today, Austrians are outraged that one of their own could have locked his daughter in the basement, made her his sex slave, and killed one of the seven children he had with her. Which is really bad. Austria has changed, you see. There is no tolerance for twisted brutality there anymore. Well, less. In fact, fewer than a third of Austrians voted for the hate-spewing, neo-fascist extreme right parties like the Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future. And while cynics (Jews or Muslims) might point out that this was the same proportion of the population who voted for Austria’s leading party, the Social Democrats, their point is undercut by the fact that it was only a relatively few Austrians who honor Nazi heroes in public ceremonies on the anniversary of Kristalnacht or who have participated in nasty little rituals like the recent unfurling of a Nazi flag in Hitler’s hometown of Braunau. No, there is no place for a Fritzl in modern Austria and so he will be sent to a psychiatric prison for the rest of his life. But one must wonder, is the outrage because of his crimes, because they were against fellow Austrians or because he thought so small?