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Top 25 Passwords that people use

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  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. abc123
  6. 12345
  7. monkey
  8. 111111
  9. consumer
  10. letmein
  11. 1234
  12. dragon
  13. trustno1
  14. baseball
  15. whatever
  16. superman
  17. 1234567
  18. sunshine
  19. iloveyou
  20. fuckyou
  21. starwars
  22. shadow
  23. princess
  24. cheese
  25. rockyou

Source: Troy Hunt/eWeek

TIME’s 25 Best Blogs of 2009

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Thanks: The Top 25 Blogs –'s First Annual Blog Index – TIME

  1. Talking Points Memo
  2. Huffington Post
  3. Lifehacker
  4. Metafilter
  5. Andrew Sullivan
  6. The Freakonomics blog
  7. BoingBoing
  8. Got2BeGreen
  9. Zen Habits
  10. Paul Krugman
  11. Crooks and Liars political blog
  12. Generacion Y — “an exercise in cowardice,” because it lets them say things they can’t say out loud in Cuba
  13. Mashable
  14. Slashfood
  15. The official Google blog
  16. synthesis, written by engineer and marketer Shafeen Charania, is that rarest of digital creatures: a blog about ideas.
  17. bleat is the work of James Lileks, a columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and serial collector of strange and wonderful pop cultural ephemera
  18. /Film (pronounced Slashfilm)
  19. Seth Godin’s Blog
  20. Deadspin is a blog for the sports fan who loves the game but realizes that there’s plenty of action happening off the field
  21. had a brief moment in the national spotlight when she was fired from her job because she had written about people in her workplace.
  22. Drummond’s blog:: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
  23. A daily sampler of “really good songs” as judged by the three Canadian music fans who compile the site :: Said the Gramophone
  24. If you find yourself worrying about this country’s educational system, this blog will send you over the edge. Detention Slip bills itself as “your daily cheat sheet for education news,” but almost all of the news is bad in a really big way.
  25. Bad Astronomy is the work of Phil Plait, a good astronomer who used to work on the Hubble Space Telescope, a device which started off bad but ended up good. Got it? Plait is a born skeptic

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