Teachers to Students: Top 10 Quotes heard in Classrooms

In Lists on ஜூன் 20, 2012 at 1:00 பிப

*If you’re not interested then u may leave the class.

* If you want to talk please get out of the class nd talk.

* This class is worst than a fish market.

* Are you here to waste your parents money?

* Tell me when you all have finished talking.

* Why you are laughing? Come here n tell us all, we’ll also laugh.

* Do you think teachers are fool…!!

* Why do you come to school/coaching when u don’t want to study

* Don’t try to act oversmart with me!

* You yes you! I’m talking to you only don’t look back.

  1. Aravindan Neelakandan and 12 Zen responses bound to get you sacked out:

    1. A fish market too can be a class room if you are awakened enough.
    2. I laugh because I am a laughing Buddha
    3. I come because I am!
    4. Some times the sound of talk can be quieter than the scream of imposed silence.
    5. I am already grown.
    6. Is it not a question you should ask them in all sincerity?
    7. Absence and Presence are both states of mind teacher not physical states.
    8. In silence alone Buddha answers.
    9.By ‘You’ You mean the body or the mind?
    10. You are not so sure that you ask me?
    11. Home is where your mind is. But I have no mind and hence no home and hence where can I do the home work?
    12. Thank you for the compliments.

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