Top 10 Lingo used in 90s Engineering Colleges

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Source: What Junta Uses :: what the numerous IIT slangs mean?

  1. Froot – Anyone who does downright stupid stuff.
  2. Stud – A person who rarely/never does frooty things.
  3. Despo – One of those (moronic) guys who take acads seriously.
  4. Peace – A piece of cake! Also Peaceful.
  5. Cat – Someone who doesn’t need to be a despo, and still peacefully cashes.
  6. Bogs – Venue of thought. The toilet. Abbr for Bathrooms of Graduate Students.
  7. Arbit – Anything an IITian can’t understand. Abbr. Arb
  8. Junta – A zoo of IITians.
  9. Hajaar – A cageful of them.
  10. Pondy – An educational substitute for the opposite sex.

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